IKEA: Stop social dumping

In partnership with BTB/ABVV (Belgium) in collaboration with FNV Bondgenoten (Netherlands)

In Europe thousands of jobs in the transport sector have been lost because of social dumping. Transport companies have founded companies in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, and other countries. They hire drivers in those countries, and they come to Belgium and the Netherlands for three up to nine months. They are forced to live in their truck. Furthermore, they are not paid according to the rules. And existing legislation about cabotage is not always respected. IKEA, well known all over the world, is using these techniques: the transport company they are working with in Belgium and the Netherlands, uses these techniques. IKEA has been contacted by both BTB/ABVV (the Belgian trade union) and FNV Bondgenoten (the Dutch trade union), but continues to decline all responsibility.

Find out all about it in on our short animation film on You Tube

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