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Tell the Feds to Help Save Air Transport Jobs!

In partnership with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Stop IAM members from losing their pensions and benefits and having their wages reduced by as much as $8.00 an hour

300 workers in Montreal and Toronto are facing the loss of decent jobs with benefits and pensions. If together we can't help they will be 'lucky' to have jobs that pay a bit more than minimum wage with few benefits and no pension.

Aircraft refueling workers at Toronto Pearson and Montreal Trudeau are represented by the IAM. Their union has unfair labour practice complaints at the Canada Industrial Relations Board regarding the behaviour of the employers and has applied to have Air Canada deemed the employer.

As the IAM was waiting for a hearing, the employers announced that they would be shutting down. In response the Union has applied for an interim order from the CIRB.

The IAM is demanding that the shutdown not be allowed to take place until the Industrial Relations Board has determined who the real employer of these workers is.

Please join us in demanding that the Minister of Labour instruct the CIRB to act on the interim order request that the IAM has filed. Together we can save these jobs. Send the Minister a message: let the CIRB decide!

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