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Tell Hay River Council: Hiring Scabs is Tearing Our Town Apart

In partnership with The Union of Northern Workers-PSAC, the largest union in the Northwest Territories. Its 5,700 members are employed in the Government of the Northwest Territories, NWT Power Corporation, at the Ekati Diamond Mine, in municipal governments, housing authorities and private contracting firms. It is a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

Unionized employees of the Town of Hay River, Northwest Territories have been on strike since February 9. Three rounds of negotiations and conciliation have failed to resolve the dispute.

Since May, union negotiators have called upon the Town to refer the dispute to binding arbitration. The Town has refused arbitration, saying they will reach a deal through negotiations. Negotiations are going nowhere.

In June, the Town began hiring replacement workers to provide the services of the 31 striking workers.

The use of replacement workers has inflamed emotions, torn rifts in this small and close knit community and created divisions that will take years to heal. Tensions have recently resulted in destruction of union property and threats of violence against striking workers.

The Town of Hay River wants to break the Union by hiring strikebreakers, increasing tensions and prolonging the dispute.

The striking members of the Union of Northern Workers are calling upon the Mayor and Council of the Town of Hay to refer the dispute to binding arbitration by an independent third party, for a quick and honorable end to this painful situation.

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