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Israel: Amdocs must recognise union

In partnership with Histadrut, the national trade union centre in Israel.

During April 2015, workers at Amdocs Israel, a hi-tech company, started to organize in the Histadrut-General Federation of Labour in Israel in order to form an employees' committee and to negotiate for a collective agreement. Following the campaign led by a group of employees and the Histadrut, an anti-union campaign started taking place in Amdocs, arguing that unions aren't suitable for the hi-tech sector and trying to get workers to cancel membership in the union. Following these actions, the Histadrut turned to the court on the case of the false intervention of Amdocs with the employees' right to organize. The court ruled, three different times in the past months, that the "internal employees' committee" that was formed in Amdocs and led the anti-union campaign, is neither a union nor an employees' organization, and doesn't comply with the criteria for representing the employees. The anti-union campaign hindered the employees' effort to reach the number of memberships necessary by law in Israel in order to form an employees' committee (1/3 of all the Amdocs Israel employees). Nonetheless, by October 2015 the employees reached this goal and the Histadrut declared that it formally represents the Amdocs Israel employees. In spite of that, for the past 6 months the Amdocs management has refused to acknowledge the Histadrut as the employees' representative and refuses to bargain with it.

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