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Malaysia: SFI must stop stalling and recognize union now

In partnership with BWI, the Global Union Federation grouping free and democratic unions with members in the Building, Building Materials, Wood, Forestry and Allied sectors. It has around 326 trade unions representing around 12 million members in 130 countries.

Members of the Sabah Timber Industries Employees Union (STIEU) working at one of Malaysia's largest timber companies, Sabah Forest Industries (SFI), have struggled for decades to have their union recognised. On 3 March last year the Malaysian Minister of Human Resources demanded SFI recognise the union, a decision that the Sabah High Court affirmed on 27th June 2016 by dismissing a recent judicial review of that decision. However the SFI is gearing up to appeal the Sabah Judicial Review to a higher court rather than allowing workers to participate in secret ballot elections. The company would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for court litigation which is obviously its comfort zone.

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