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Brazil: Stop attacks on union at University of São Paulo

In partnership with CSP Conlutas, a Brazilian national trade union central that is combative, class-based, independent and internationalist, and SINTUSP, which represents 14,000 technical and administrative workers at Brazil’s largest university, the University of São Paulo.

In line with the country's wave of attacks on labour rights, the president of the largest University in Brazil, the University of São Paulo (USP), Marco Antônio Zago, is stubbornly pursuing his declared project to ‘eliminate trade unionism on campus’. Workers and their supporters fought off an attempt to evict the union from their offices in April. Now, during the December holiday period, the presidency obtained a judicial order to expel the union from their offices, by means of the police and military if necessary. SINTUSP has occupied their offices at university since its foundation under agreement with every administration until today. The last time a university president tried to physically remove the union was in 1979, during military dictatorship. Now, under the "democracy" of Zago, the union is being evicted without any negotiation and without any administrative or legal basis. This is a declaration of war against the workers of USP and is, at the same time, a declaration of war against the academic community and the basic right to organize of the entire working class. Management has also fired trade union leaders and has brought numerous absurd legal proceedings against SINTUSP leaders and militants. These workers are committed to fighting all attempts to ‘eliminate trade unionism from USP'.

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