Hungary: Public sector union leaders sacked in unprecedented attack

In partnership with MASZSZ, the largest Hungarian trade union confederation representing workers in the private and public sectors; affiliated to the ETUC and ITUC.

On January 13 four trade unionists were sacked during the wage negotiation round by the CEO of the Fővárosi Közterület-fenntartó Nonprofit - FKFZrt (Capital Public Domain Maintenance Company). The union representatives demanded a fair wage increase and expressed readiness to resort to strike action due to the dissatisfaction of workers. As a response Mr. István Csontos, CEO of the company responsible for the waste management, sanitation, cleaning of public areas in the capital Budapest not only sacked the 4 colleagues, but also locked them out of the union offices. András Király, secretary of the company trade union, one of the sacked unionists is also president of the Municipal Workers Union HVDSZ2000 and is a member of the MASZSZ presidium. The union, with support from MASZSZ and its affiliates, continues to look for a way to resolve this conflict. This act as an unprecedented measure in the public sector, in a public company. Hungarian trade unionists fear that this act is opening up a new era of anti-unionism in the country.

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