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Belarus: Stop attacks on union leaders

In Partnership with IndustriALL and with the International Trade Union Confederation.

On 2 August Gennady Fedynch, chairman of the Radio and Electronics Industry Workers Union (REP) and member of the IndustriALL Executive Committee, Ihar Komlik, REP chief accountant and leader of the REP Minsk city organization, and a few staff members were detained and interrogated by Belarusian authorities.
Both union leaders are now under investigation for alleged large-scale tax evasion and risk 3 to 5 year terms of imprisonment. Ihar Komlik has been in prison since 2 August. The accusations of unpaid taxes refer to the solidarity support received by the union in 2011, and cannot be treated as private funds. The accusations are groundless and aim at undermining the union in retaliation for their leaders' active civil position and their work to protect the social and economic interests of the working people in Belarus. Please join us to demand the immediate release of Ihar Komlik, and an end to his and Gennady Fedynich’s criminal prosecution.

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