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Malaysia: Reinstate YTL cement workers

In partnership with Building and Woodworkers International (BWI) - the global union federation that advances and protects working families interest and welfare in grouping free and building, building materials, wood, forestry and allied industries.

BWI Global Union urges workers, trade unions and rights activists worldwide to demand that Malaysian conglomerate YTL Corporation Berhad reinstate 62 members of the Cement Industry Employees Union (CIEU), who were unfairly retrenched, many close to the age of retirement. In 2019, CIEU members were retrenched from Malaysia's oldest cement plant. The plant was sold to the local conglomerate YTL Corporation Berhad, under the YTL Cement branch. At first, assurances were made that workers' jobs would be protected, but, under the guise of corporate modernisation the plant closed for a 3-year long refurbishment process, resulting in the loss of income and livelihood for CIEU union members. Since then, CIEU has filed legal proceedings against YTL citing numerous violations of the Malaysian Industrial Relations Act (1967). Despite calls for reconsiderations of retrenchment, YTL could not provide CIEU members more than an offer of employment at various ancillary plants - forcing them to choose between uprooting their lives and families, or their wages. Help the reinstatement of CIEU members by sending a clear message to YTL, asking them to end their corporate greed and begin social dialogue with the union.

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