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Turkey: DHL must recognize union, reinstate sacked workers

In partnership with the International Transport Workers Federation, a global federation of 690 unions representing over 4.5 million transport workers in 153 countries .

For more than a year, the Turkey Motor Vehicle and Transport Workers' Union, Tumtis has been organising workers in DHL Turkey. So far, over the last year, 20 workers have been dismissed for attempting to organise a union. Sacked workers are currently standing outside the warehouses in an act of resistance over their unfair dismissal. Tumtis has made every attempt to engage local management and seek a resolution to the ongoing dismissals, but to no avail. Local management continue to approach workers who have joined Tumtis, reportedly telling them that they must resign from Tumtis or they will lose their job. The workers demand the right to become members of Tumtis, and organise a union in their workplace, free from intimidation and threat of dismissal.

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