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Guatemala: End union-busting at Ternium

In partnership with the Ternium International Guatemala Worker’s Union organized under the acronym SITRATERNIUM. The organization’s status as an official union has been granted by the Ministry of Labour. This group is affiliated with FESTRAS (Trade Union Federation of Food, Agro-industry and Related Industry Workers of Guatemala) and has special support from STECSA (Coca Cola Worker’s Union, Guatemala)

In the spring of 2012 as a result of labour violations a group of workers at the Ternium factory in Villa Nueva decided to unionize. This attempt to unionize was met with repressive measures by the employer, and these workers were fired. The union workers have continued to fight for their rights under the Guatemalan labour code, and they have been successful in the courts. Ternium has not only violated the Guatemalan labour code, it has violated their employees’ rights to free association, free speech and their right to unionize. Furthermore, Ternium has shown a lack of adherence to Guatemalan and international labour standards.

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