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A Living Wage and a Safe Workplace for Porter Workers

In partnership with The Canadian Office and Professional Employees, which represents office and professional workers across Canada

Porter Airlines, which is expanding its operations throughout eastern North America, is trying to interfere with the right of newly-organized workers to be in a union by putting forward a final offer in bad faith, knowing the workers could not accept such an offer and pushing them out on strike. Porter has not moved on its position of an increase of 25 cents per hour for 11 of 22 employees. The others would get no increase.

These employees are the lowest paid in the industry. The average annual income of the striking workers is $28,000.

Porter also has a history of sloppy or no health and safety practices. Numerous health and safety regulatory violations, combined with poverty wages forced the workers to strike.

Send a message to Porter demanding that they bargain for a settlement and not to break the union.

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