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Bangladesh: Change labour law - guarantee workers' rights

In partnership with the International Trade Union Confederation.

For well over a year, trade unions in Bangladesh have been lobbying their government to amend the Labour Act of 2006. The law has been sharply criticized since its enactment for numerous provisions that violate ILO conventions regarding freedom of association and collective bargaining. While some progress is reflected in the most recent draft amendments, it still fails to address many of the concerns of the ILO or meet the demands of trade unions in Bangladesh. Due to pressure from unions and the suspension of US trade preferences, the government has established a high-level panel to make a last round of amendments. It is important that the government receive a clear message that the Labour Act of 2006 must guarantee the rights of freedom of association and collective bargaining to all workers. Only with a strong trade union movement will workers be able to prevent the recent disasters which have claimed so many lives.

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