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Colombia: Free Huber Ballesteros

In partnership with UNISON, the largest public service union in the UK working internationally in support of social justice and Justice for Colombia, a British NGO that campaigns for human rights, workers' rights and the search for peace with social justice in Colombia. JFC was established in 2002 by the British trade union movement.

Huber Ballesteros is one of Colombia's best known trade union and human rights activists. He is also one of the most threatened. He was arrested on 25th August 2013 and accused of 'rebellion' and 'financing terrorism'. He has still not faced trial. Huber is vice-president of FENSUAGRO, Colombia’s second largest union and one of the most persecuted, having had over 1,000 members assassinated in recent years. He is also a member of the Colombian TUC (CUT) Executive Committee. Huber is also a leader of the 'Patriotic March' which is leading the campaign for peace with social justice in Colombia. We believe it is because of his activism that Huber is being targeted, and are calling for his unconditional release, along with that of all other political prisoners in Colombia.

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