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Sweden: Stop union-busting at Zalando

In partnership with SAC, a Swedish trade union, and Zalandoarbetare's Driftsektion.

In 2017, the company Zalando opened a warehouse in northern Stockholm, Sweden. The warehouse is provided by the logistics giant Ingram Micro AB. But the warehouse also has the local trade union club Zalandoarbetare's Driftsektion (ZADS), which organizes over 100 of the employees. At the end of April, ZADS negotiated with Ingram Micro and demanded measures for an improved working environment. The company said no on all points, and on the same day, supervisors began harassing workers who participated in the negotiation. The workers in Zalando's warehouse are now fighting for their own collective agreement and their demands include: Trade union meetings during working hours; Appoint their own workplace representatives and safety representatives; To not talk to their boss alone if they do not want to; Have a mobile phone so that school can reach parents in emergencies; Workstations where the work is performed standing provided with chairs; Have a bulletin board for union information at the workplace.

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