Egypt: Solidarity with Mahalla Textile Workers

In partnership with the Center for Trade Unions and Workers Services (CTUWS), an Egyptian non-governmental organisation established in March 1990 by some labour leaders and activists guided by their experience in the Egyptian labour movement.

Since 22 February 2024, El Mahala Textile in Egypt has been in turmoil. The action began when around 3,700 women gathered protesting low wages. Afterwards, all the Company workers announced a strike demanding of the government the promised minimum of EGP 6,000 ($120). They sought wage adjustments and a meal allowance, an increase to EGP 900. Despite peaceful demonstrations, management and the government refused to negotiate. The Minister of Public Sector raised the minimum income to EGP 6,000, but other demands were ignored. Workers ended their strike on 29 February, but face threats and detentions. Thirteen were arrested by National Security, two are still detained. Some were even threatened with dismissal for being absent -- though they were in custody. This highlights potential illegal actions by the company.

UPDATE: The State Security Prosecution is set to review the renewal of detention for Mohammed Mahmoud Talba and Wael Mohamed Abouzeid, workers at Ghazl Al-Mahalla, on Sunday, March 24. They are detained in connection with their participation in the Mahalla workers' strike, under case No. 717 of 2024.

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