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#FreeRioWijaya: Indonesian trade unionist jailed for union safety activities

In partnership with Federasi Pekerja Pelabuhan Indonesia (FPPI) (Indonesian Port Workers’ Federation that Serikat Pekerja Jakarta International Container Terminal (SP JICT) is affiliated to). Supported by the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).

On 20 August 2019, Rio Wijaya, a dedicated trade unionist from the Indonesian dockers' union Serikat Pekerja Jakarta International Container Terminal (SP JICT), was brutally attacked by security guards at Hutchison Port's terminal in Jakarta, and subsequently Rio was arrested and detained under false allegations of defaming and assaulting the security guards on 21 November 2019. Please join us in demanding that Hutchison Ports do everything within its powers to set the record straight and facilitate the immediate release of Brother Rio and that all charges levelled against him are dropped.

The anti-union climate at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), the biggest container port operator in Indonesia, has caused unionists to fear for their rights and safety. Threats and intimidation targeting union activists at the terminal are serious and ongoing. Over the past 18 months, attacks on trade unionists have included the shooting of members' cars, the mass sacking of 400 casual workers at the port, and the terminal's appalling safety conditions that have resulted in the death of four workers since July 2016. Enough is enough! Join FPPI, SP JICT and ITF in fighting back. There will be no let up until Rio is free.

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