Brazil: End the anti-union attacks in the city of São Paulo!

In partnership with SINDSEP, the Municipal Workers' Union of São Paulo and Public Services International - PSI, the Global Union Federation for workers that provide public services. PSI includes 700 trade unions representing 30 million workers in 154 countries

At the beginning of the pandemic, local media in São Paulo reported front line workers’ voices that were exposing irregularities and violations of basic health and safety standards that led to widespread contamination of hospital workers including health professionals, cleaners, maintenance and security workers. The response of the municipal Health Secretary was to systematically limit journalists’ access to information and identify and punish workers that spoke to the media. In an unprecedented and unfounded reprisal, five nursing professionals were transferred out to workplaces far from their homes under the pretext of the State of Emergency. Join SINDSEP in its demands for respect for health professionals, an end to anti-union practices and transparency in management of the pandemic response

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