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Turkey: Reinstate dismissed Marlboro workers

In partnership with DISK/Gıda-İş in Turkey.

Tobacco is perhaps the most profitable industry in the world. However, workers do not receive their fair share. Workers at the Philip Morris factory in İzmir, Turkey, are paid less than the poverty threshold. Their incomes are dwindling as a result of the country's economic turmoil. Furthermore, there is discrimination between permanent and subcontracted workers, though they perform the same task and use the same machines. In the face of these difficulties, Marlboro workers became members of the DİSK/Gıda-İş Union. Almost all joined the union. Following the union meetings and actions, 124 workers were sacked. Now, workers are holding demonstrations in front of the factory. However, the company refuses to negotiate. You can support these workers and help Philip Morris listen to their demands. Reinstate dismissed union members; Start negotiations with the union; Decent wages, end discrimination.

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