Turkey: Release jailed construction workers - Ensure occupational safety at Istanbul Airport

In partnership with DİSK/Dev Yapi-Is, the Progressive Union of Construction Workers.

About 30,000 workers at the new Istanbul Grand Airport's construction site are suffering a shocking lack of occupational health and safety, excessive working hours and postponed salaries. At least 37 workers have died and many more injured during the last four years. Protesting against fatalities and indecent working conditions, workers went on strike on 14-16 September. Military police used excessive force against them and some 600 workers were violently arrested. 35 workers including Ozgur Karabulut, President of DİSK/Dev Yapı-İş (the Progressive Union of Construction Workers) as well as leaders of İnsaat-Is Union were sent to prison. Also, hundreds were sacked from their jobs.

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