Pakistan: Reinstate the Karachi 8

In partnership with SAPT Democratic Workers' Union in Pakistan.

Eight union leaders in Karachi have been sacked by Hutchison Ports for leading their union’s fight for dignity and fairness for their members. The targeting of Marvia, Khaled, Nizzar, Walid, Norman, Kamaran, Mueed and KM is the latest union-busting attack against the leaders and membership of SAPT Democratic Workers' Union (SAPTDWU). Previously the company has attempted to challenge to the legitimacy of SAPTDWU in the court, and failed. Secretly registered another union in Islamabad. Filed trumped up charges of sabotage against union leaders resulting in the incarceration of two leaders for 9 days. Now in violation of a court order, the company has sacked SAPTDWU’s eight union officials. We need your support to call on Hutchison Ports Pakistan to immediately reinstate the Karachi 8 and end their shameful union-busting tactics.

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