Lithuania: First strike in private sector in 30 years

In partnership with the Lithuanian Industry Trade Union Federation, (LPPSF) which brings together 38 trade unions and 3,000 members in chemical industry, construction, energy and electricity, waste and water sectors all over Lithuania.

Workers at the Lithuanian nitrogen fertilizers and chemicals factory 'Achema' went on an indefinite strike on 8 February, after continuous efforts to go through all the means of social dialogue and to reach a collective agreement. This is the first strike in the Lithuanian private sector in the past 30 years. The employer is ignoring the union's right to bargain by calling the collective agreement just a 'a piece of paper' and labelling the trade union itself as the biggest risk and threat to the company, only promising to review the remuneration system and to raise wages. By striking, the workers demand that the remuneration system be spelt out in the collective agreement. They also call for a wage indexation and clear rules on overtime. We urge the 'Achema' company management to recognise the trade union, to respect its right to negotiate and, in line with the principles of constructive social dialogue and mutual understanding, to reach a collective agreement.

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