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Iran: Free jailed teacher unionists now

In partnership with the Education International, the voice of teachers and education workers around the world. Through its 383 member organisations, EI represents more than 32 million teachers and education support personnel in 178 countries and territories.

One year after the "Woman, Life, Freedom" movement, the repressive state apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran has intensified its efforts to suppress all forms of dissent, launching a wave of aggressive actions against Iranian citizens, educators, and labor activists. This crackdown primarily targets teachers and educational institutions, spurred by the substantial involvement of young people in the Jina Mahsa Amini protests.

Iranian educators have persistently voiced their demands for improved working conditions and the acknowledgment of their essential rights and freedoms, both as workers and as citizens. However, since May Day 2022, many leaders of the provincial and county teachers’ associations (belonging to the national Coordinating Council of Iranian Teachers' Trade Associations which is EI's affiliate) have faced unwarranted arrests, detentions, and even torture, all for their peaceful and legal union-related activities.

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