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Georgia: Time for a new labour law

In partnership with the Georgian Trade Union Confederation.

Work safety standards have been high in the agenda of the Georgian Trade Unions Confederation (GTUC) for more than a decade. Since the abolition of the labour inspection in 2006 by the Georgian government, people continue to die at work on a daily basis. The statistics are shocking - 460 workers have died and another 796 were injured, and those numbers are rising. Unfortunately the Georgian government today sees the ratification of International Labour Organization core conventions as a threat to business. And despite its commitments made in the Association Agreement with the European Union, the government has not established a real Labour Inspection. In February 2018 it proposed to Parliament an absolutely empty draft labour law, which among other things created a labour inspection with no mandate to freely visit workplaces, to inspect violations of labour rights or to impose fines or penalties. Georgia needs a genuine and effective Labour Inspection and decent work standards.

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