Brazil: Tell Santander to stop sacking workers during the pandemic

In partnership with UNI Global Union, which represents 20 million workers in 150 countries in the skills and service industries, including three million workers in the finance sector.

Banking multinational Santander has broken its promise not to fire workers in Brazil during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Santander Brasil made a commitment with UNI Global Union affiliate union Contraf-CUT to safeguard jobs during the health crisis. However, the bank has announced plans to cut 20 per cent of its workforce (over 9,000 people), even though the virus is still raging in the country.

The company has already fired at least 160 people, and more workers are being threatened with dismissal if they fail to meet their sales targets – at a time when Brazil's Covid-19 death toll has just reached the second highest in the world.

Using the pandemic as an excuse to sack workers is taking the company to a new low. Tell the CEO of Santander Brasil to keep his promise to workers and protect their jobs during a national health emergency.

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