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Philippines: Anti-union repression against teacher union

In partnership with the Education International, a global union federation of 396 associations and unions in 171 countries and territories, representing some 32.5 million educators and support professionals.

The Education International (EI) invites workers worldwide to condemn the intensification of the harassment and repression against its affiliate, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), in the Philippines.

One ACT provincial coordinator was arrested in a new crackdown against unions and civil society organisations in the country. The repression operations are ongoing and ACT fears that more of their members could be targeted. The union had to temporarily close an office to ensure the security of its staff, members and officers.

The anti-union climate under the Duterte regime has caused unionists, teachers and academics to fear for their rights and safety. Raymond Basilio, ACT General Secretary, has received multiple death threats since January 2019. The teacher union is red-tagged by the government. Union activists are unlawfully profiled by the Philippine National Police and put on lists of 'terrorists'. Two ACT teachers were recently shot at in their classroom by masked men, in the presence of their students.
EI is deeply concerned by the latest developments that are further deteriorating the human and trade union rights situation of workers in the Philippines.

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