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XPO: Time to talk about your behaviour

In partnership with the International Transport Workers Federation, a global federation of 690 unions representing over 19.7 million transport workers in 153 countries .

XPO Logistics, one of the largest global logistics companies, is under increased scrutiny for its anti-worker, anti-union behaviour in Europe and the United States. XPO Logistics and XPO Europe's toxic corporate culture are pervasive. In October of 2017, Linda Jo Neal, (a worker at the Verizon-contracted warehouse operated by XPO Logistics in Memphis, Tennessee), died on the shop floor after management denied her medical aid for 56 minutes. In recent months, multiple women came forward with numerous allegations of systemic gender discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment and dangerous working conditions. However, despite XPO's awareness of these conditions not only from Verizon's CEO and board, but also from workers directly and the son of Linda Jo Neal, at the US AGM on May 15, 2018, XPO refused to commit to changing its policies and practices. To coincide with the XPO Europe AGM on June 15, 2018, we are calling on XPO CEO Bradley Jacobs and XPO Board of Directors to come to the table and meet with the ITF to address the issues workers are facing.

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