Pakistan: Metro - stop union busting now

In partnership with UNI Commerce, UNI Global Union is a global union federation that represents more than 20 million workers in more than 150 countries, primarily employed in the service sector. UNI Commerce is one of the sectors of the UNI Global Union that represents more than 160 trade unions and more than 4 million workers employed in retail and wholesale industry.

UNI Commerce invites trade unions, workers, and labour and human rights activists worldwide to urge Metro A.G. to re-instate Tahir Mehmood, the General Secretary of Metro Habib Employees Union in Pakistan. Metro A.G. is a multinational German-based food wholesaler that operates in 26 countries across the globe, under METRO and MAKRO banners, including Pakistan where Metro workers have been fighting for a collective agreement for seven years. Metro Pakistan management has waged a union-busting campaign through intimidating and targeting union leaders by warnings, notices, change of workplace and employment status, and dismissals. Over the last few years, several trade union leaders have been dismissed by Metro Pakistan including every elected General Secretary of the union since 2013. Most recently, Metro sacked Tahir Mehmood (the GS of the local union) in February 2021 for absenteeism that occurred in 2017. Tahir has been employed by Metro Pakistan for more than 10 years. You can support Tahir and Pakistani Metro workers by sending a message to the CHRO and local management of Metro; and by asking them to re-instate Tahir, stop union-busting, and negotiate with the union to conclude a collective agreement.

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