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Poland: Reinstate sacked union leaders at Castorama

In partnership with UNI Commerce, part of UNI Global Union, a federation that represents more than 20 million workers in more than 150 countries, primarily employed in the service sector. UNI Commerce is one of the sectors of UNI Global Union that represents more than 160 trade unions and more than 4 million workers employed in retail and wholesale industry.

UNI Commerce calls upon trade unions and workers worldwide to urge Castorama to re-instate 10 trade union activists in Poland.

Castorama is a brand of Kingfisher PLC, a British multinational home improvement company which employs 12,000 workers in 80 stores in Poland. NSZZ Solidarnosc Commerce, an affiliate of UNI Commerce, launched an organising campaign for Castorama workers.

The employer intensified its union-busting activities since September 2018 and recently dismissed all 10 union leaders in Castorama Poland, including Wojciech Kasprzyk, the chairperson of Castorama Poland "Solidarity" Trade Union. The employer tried to justify dismissals on the grounds of "carrying out activities to the detriment of the company" and "damaging employer's image". However, they were simply using internet platforms and social media to help workers and get them organized. They also wanted to express their opinions about the employer's hostile attitude towards unions and avoidance of social dialogue.

The union and workers are fighting back. International solidarity might empower Castorama workers in Poland in their fight and push the employer to revise its decision.
You can support Castorama workers in Poland by sending a message to the CEO of the company and the local management.

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